Bitum remover

Bitum (BT) Tar Remover

  • Suitable for all exterior surfaces.
  • Effectively removes tar and bituminous contamination.
  • Doesn’t damage clear coat or coatings.

Bitum (BT) is an effective and safe cleaner for tar and bituminous contamination. Due to its safe formula it can be used on all exterior surfaces like paint, glass, rubber and plastic and it will not damage any previously applied protective coatings.



Before using Bitum (BT) make sure to wash your car, recommended with Active Safe (AS) and Second Phase (SP). Spray the Bitum (BT) on the surfaces you want to treat and wait for 2-4 minutes and let it dissolve the contamination. If the area is heavily contaminated then wipe it with a microfiber and rinse the remaining product off with water. Repeat the process if necessary.