Leather Care Kit

Leather Care Kit


The Leather Set is made up of everything you need for deep cleaning leather…and more. 

The Leather Set is made up of everything you need for deep cleaning leather…and more. The set is made up of Leather Clean (LC) cleaner, Leather (LT) conditioner, Detail Interior brush (soft), Ultra Lite (UL) microfiber cloth and Detail Foamer bottle for efficient use of the leather cleaner. Just fill the foamer with Leather Clean (LC) and apply a few pumps to the brush and start cleaning and let the foam soak up all the dirt and wipe away with Ultra Lite (UL) and finish the job with protecting and preserving the seats with Leather (LT) conditioner.


1 x LC Leather Clean 500ml
Leather Clean (LC) is specially designed for cleaning all types of leather surfaces. Its unique formula contains no solvents or abrasives, therefore making it perfect for cleaning leather without causing any damage. Effectively removes common dirt and stains that build on leather.

1 x LT Leather Creme Conditioner 500ml
Leather (LT) is a leather conditioner made to condition and protect leather. When applied it softens and restores the original color of the leather and adds a protective layer that helps it from drying out, cracking and dirt and sand rubbing against it and causing damage. After applying it dries quickly and leaves a pleasant scent of new leather.

1 x Foamer Bottle 150ml
The Foamer Bottle is ideal for even and economical dispensing of various cleaning products like Ultra Clean (UC) and Leather Cleaner (LC). The foam can provide a deeper clean for the applied area and more focused and safer cleaning.

1 x Detail Interior Brush (Soft)

The Detail Interior Brush (Soft) is great for cleaning textile and leather seats. Can be used for wet and dry cleaning of surfaces and due to its soft brush structure, it can also be used on alcantara materials. Ideal to use in combination with Detail Ultra Clean (UC), Multi Cleaner (MU) and Leather Cleaner (LC).

1 x UL Ultra Lite Microfiber cloth
Ultra Light (UL) microfiber cloth is an all-purpose cloth which is ideal for cleaning the interior surfaces, leather, metal and other dirty surfaces. Due to the short fiber it has the ideal combination of cleaning power and softness.