Car Care Kit

Must Have Car Care Kit

  • Made up of most popular products.
  • For daily use.
  • Great for self-service car wash users.

The Must Have Set is made up of the products that every cleaning enthusiast should have laying around in their car. No matter if you clean your car at your house or the self-wash boxes, the must have set will help with boosting the result to another level. Made up of Iron (IR) wheel cleaner, Tire (TR) shine, Fast Polish (FP) quick detailer and Soft Cloth (SC) microfiber towel the set will be useful on cleaning days and on days where you just want to quickly wipe off some dust and give the tires a shine.

1 x IR Iron Wheel Cleaner 500ml

Iron (IR) safely and effectively removes iron and fallout contamination on the cars surface. Iron particles become air born and can embed on your paint and oxidize (rust). Because of Irons (IR) Ph-balanced formula it is suitable for use on almost all exterior surfaces – paint, wheels, plastic, rubbers, glass and chrome. It is especially great for cleaning wheels, it is highly effective in removing baked-in brake dust that cannot be completely removed by standard wash shampoo. For easier use it turns crimson red to indicate the iron and fallout contaminated areas.

1 x TR Tire Shine 500ml

Tire (TR) is a tire dressing that is made to do more than just restore the original matte black look of your tires. It has been designed to add a protective film to the treated surface which creates a dirt and water repelling hydrophobic surface, this will make the rubber to stay fresh and clean for a longer period of time. Due to its UV-resistant qualities, when used regularly Tire (TR) can prevent the browning and cracking of the rubber.

1 x FP Fast Polish 500ml

Fast Polish (FP) is a quick detailer made for quick and easy clean ups of water spots, streaks left from drying or removing any other residue. Fast Polish (FP) is carnauba infused and gives the car a brighter appearance after applied. It also adds hydrophobic qualities and has the sweet fragrance of banana.

1 x SC Soft Cloth Microfiber

Soft Cloth (SC) is a microfiber towel made of high quality-microfiber without rough edges, no marks or tags, therefore being completely safe for the cars paintworks and great for working with various protective coatings. The fabric is bonded in a way that it allows for careful removal of polishing residue, oils, sealants and other products preventing scratches.