Wash en Wax Car Care Kit

Wash And Wax Car Care Kit

  • Covers all stages – pre-wash, contact wash and protection.
  • Makes for a safe and effective.
  • Great for regular use and maintenance.

The Wash And Wax Set is the ideal set for a safe, effective and chemically balanced wash and protection. Starting Active Safe (AS) pre-wash to get rid of the big dirt and contamination, then moving to Second Phase (SP) manual wash shampoo to clean off all the static dirt that can’t be rinsed away and ending with Super Wax (SW) spray on wax that will add a layer of protection and extra shine. The combination creates a safe and effective routine for maintaining your cars appearance.

1 x Active Safe (AS) 1L

Active Safe (AS) Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated and effective alkaline contactless pre-wash that quickly dissolves dirt, insects, bird droppings, road dirt and other aggressive environmental factors from the cars body and wheels and does it all with a fresh fragrance of peppermint. It loosens and removes the dirt before the manual wash stage, therefore making it much safer to start the contact wash.

1 x Second Phase (SP) 1L

Second Phase (SP) is made to carefully remove static dirt that is stuck to the surface after the first pre-wash stage with Active Safe (AS). It creates a thick layer of foam, adding extra lubrication and used in combination with a two-bucket method will ensure a safe and scratch free wash. Contains no waxes, silicones or other gloss enhancers and has the sweet fragrance of bubblegum.

1 x Super Wax (SW) 500ml

Super Wax (SW) is an advanced liquid Nano-wax that preserves a cars paintwork after washing. It forms a durable protective film which creates a highly hydrophobic surface that will repel water and dirt which will make the maintenance of the vehicle much easier. Adds a deep shine to the paintwork and, if used regularly, can prevent the paint coating from fading and cracking.

1 x Car Sponge (CS)

Microporous Sponge has a specially designed comb material that can absorb a lot of water and soap to safely and effectively clean stubborn dirt and other contaminants without affecting the clear coat.