Glass Clean

Glass Clean (GL) Glass Polishing Compound

  • Polishes scratches and improves visibility.
  • Easily removes dirt calcium deposits and microscopic dirt.
  • Gives glass a fresh look.

Glass Clean (GL) is a glass polish that safely removes traffic film, organic dirt, calcium deposits and light scratches from the windshield wiper. Polishing the glass deeply cleans it, therefore increasing visibility and prepares the surface for further glass coating application, polishing will increase the lifespan of a coating by 2-3 times.



Before polishing the glass make sure the car is washed and dried. You can leave the window slightly damp to add extra lubrication, but it can also be done when dry. Apply couple of drops of Glass Clean (GL) to your polishing pad or glass applicator and rub thoroughly. If the window was dry in the start just wipe off the excess with a microfiber and Remover (RE) but if the window was wet it can be rinsed with a pressure washer.