Auto Shampoo

Hydro Shampoo (HS) Shampoo With Hydrophobic Qualities

  • Creates Hydrophobic layer.
  • Makes it easier to maintain vehicle.
  • Safe for waxes and sealants.
  • Banana fragrance.


Hydro Shampoo (HS) gently removes static dirt after the first pre-wash stage with Active Safe (AS). Because of its special chemical structure, it has increased cleaning qualities and the ability to make the cars surface hydrophobic. The clean flush formula gives your vehicle a clean, shiny finish and hydrophobic finish. The formula is balanced and does not remove wax layers, it is easy on your skin and has a pleasant banana fragrance.


Before applying Hydro Shampoo (HS) make sure that you have used Active Safe (AS) as the first pre-wash stage to get rid of loose dirt to ensure a safe and chemically balanced wash. Mix 100ml of product into your bucket of water (approx. 20 liters) and the fill the second bucket with just water. Dip your wash mitt or sponge into the shampoo bucket and clean the car in sections and rinse the wash mitt in the clean water bucket after every section. For extra foam and lubrication mix Hydro Shampoo (HS) 1:10 ratio in a foam lance and cover the car from top to bottom.