Auto shampoo

Active Safe (AS) Pre-Wash Shampoo

  • Effectively loosens all types of dirt.
  • Can be used on body and wheels.
  • Made for regular use.
  • Peppermint fragrance.


Active Safe (AS) Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated and effective alkaline contactless pre-wash that quickly dissolves dirt, insects, bird droppings, road dirt and other aggressive environmental factors from the cars body and wheels and does it all with a fresh fragrance of peppermint. It loosens and removes the dirt before the manual wash stage, therefore making it much safer to start the contact wash.



For the best results use Active Safe with a foam lance (mix 100ml (1:10) product with 1L water) or a hand pump sprayer (mix 10-50ml (1:100-1:500) product with 1L of water). Spray the car from top to bottom covering the whole surface and wheels. Let the product sit on the car and work in for 2 minutes and don’t let it dry. Rinse with water under high pressure, working from the top to the bottom. It’s highly recommended to use Second Phase (SP) shampoo after the first Active Safe (AS) stage to create a chemically balanced and effective wash.