LU Lubricant

Clay Lubricant (LU)

  • Reduces scratches and marring.
  • Increases clay bar performance
  • Grape fragrance

Lubricant (LU) has been created to lower the resistance during claying and making it much easier and efficient. Using Lubricant (LU) while claying will minimize the chances of creating small scratches or marring the paint. It does not leave a greasy residue behind it and it has a pleasant fragrance of grapes.


Recommended Usage Method:

Before starting the claying process, the car must be washed and dried. If the cars paintwork was really rough then after washing and start the decontamination process by using Bitum (BT) and Iron (IR) before claying. Apply Lubricant (LU) to a 40 x 40 cm surface and clean the designated area with the Clay Bar (CL). The area is clean when you feel the clay bar smoothly glidin over it and not gripping anything or making any sounds. Afterwards clean off the residue with a microfiber towel or rinse with water.