motor concervant

Motor Conservant (MC) Engine Preserver

  • Protects from corrosion, temperature changes and plastic fading and cracking.
  • Great for plastic, metal and rubber parts.
  • Adds a protective layer.
  • Easy application.

Motor Concervant (MC) is an engine dressing designed to enhance the appearance and forms a protective layer over the engine. The non-greasy formula provides a beautiful appearance while providing long-lasting protection for plastic, metal, rubber and hoses. The formed layer of protection helps with preserving the plastic from fading and cracking, temperature changes, protecting against corrosion and making further cleaning easier.



First clean the engine with Motor (MT) and dry it. Then spray the Motor Concervant (MC) on all plastic, metal and rubber parts from a 15-20 cm distance, making sure to evenly cover all surfaces. Let it naturally dry for 30-45 minutes and if there is any excess then wipe it up with a clean microfiber towel.