motor cleaner

Motor (MT) Engine Cleaner

  • Can be used on car and motorcycle engines.
  • Safe for all engine surfaces.
  • Degreaser and cleaner.

Motor (MT) is designed to easily clean all of the surfaces that are in the engine bay, including paint, plastics, rubber and metals. It acts as a degreaser and cleaner for all types of dirt and road grime to ensure a quick and clean result.


Recommended Usage Method:

Before starting any cleaning process on the engine, it has to be properly cooled down. Also, another thing to consider are the delicate engine components like air intakes and electronics. Once the engine is cool liberally apply Motor (MT) to all of the surfaces and try to not only get the surface but spray in the smaller and tighter spaces. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then start cleaning with a brush to lift all of the grease and dirt. Once you have brushed everything rinse the remaining product off and make sure to do it while holding the pressure washer at a distance and not directly over the engine parts. The last step is to dry it and there are two ways to do it – with a turbo drier or wiping the engine with a microfiber cloth.