Nano coating

Nano Glass (NG) Glass Nano Coating

  • Ultra-hydrophobic effect
  • Adds clarity to the glass
  • Better vision in all weather conditions


Nano Glass (NG) is a glass nano coating that has been developed to form a molecular net on the glass. That creates a transparent, super smooth barrier which immediately repels water, snow and all types of dirt. The super hydrophobic formula of Nano Glass (NG) also helps to increase visibility and safety in rainy conditions because it repels water droplets starting from 40 km/h.



Wash and dry the car. For the best result and durability of Nano Glass (NG) we suggest claying the glass surface and polishing it with Glass Clean (GL). Clean the surface with Clean Glass (CG). You can apply Nano glass directly on the glass and even out with an applicator or spray it in the applicator and evenly spread it around the whole area. After everything is covered just rub up the excess with a clean microfiber towel.