Reductant (RD)

Reductant (RD)



  • Renews exterior plastics 
  • Protects and adds hydrophobic layer
  • Does not leave streaks or greasy finish

Reductant (RD) is a special gel like compund that restores and protects exterior plastics  and rubbers. Reductant (RD) can bring back the original appearance of treated parts and protect them from fading, cracking and aother environmental factors, also masking smaller scratches and creating a hydrophobic layer. The unique gel like substance does not leave greasy streaks or any stains. 



Make sure that the vehicle is properly washed and dried before treating the plastic and rubber parts. Apply Reductant (RD) to an applicator and spread on the chosen surface. 

After that rub up the excess product with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.